Dear Partner,

Thank you for your willingness and taking the time to complete this survey.

As you may know, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Moldova has conducted regular surveys of development partners on their funding levels and areas of support on an annual basis, in order to increase transparency and predictability of development aid. These reports are available on our website. While these reports provided a basic understanding of on-going donor support to the Moldovan health sector, they did not provide sufficient details as to support of different functions of health systems, disease areas, geographic distribution and relationship to national policies and procedures. During donor support meetings, you have repeatedly voiced suggestions for a need of better understanding of overlaps and gaps in donor support, geographic distribution of this support and the necessity to add a prospective dimension to this exercise. In addition, in 2011, Moldova has reported on Paris Declaration for Aid Effectiveness of Official Development Assistance (ODA). Since this will be a repetitive effort, we have also included the standard ODA in this survey.

We are pleased to mention that we will follow the same process as last year regarding donor support data collection process sector that attempts to capture all the information critical to a better analysis. For your convenience, we will use the same online application that should expedite data entry. This application allows either filling in the questionnaire at once, or coming back at different times.

We would appreciate if you take into account the ongoing changing process. Based on your last year feedback and emerging needs, some changes have been operated and there are still room for improvement. In this context, we appreciate your patience, as well as willingness to provide feedback for further improving this process. If you encounter difficulties in filling in or you have questions, you may contact Lilia Nita at phone +37322268889 or mobile +37378386122 and email:

This application allows either filling in the questionnaire at once, or coming back at different times. Every time you work on the questionnaire, you should log in. You can save your work in each section by hitting the button SAVE, or you can save your work and move to the next section, by hitting the button SAVE AND CONTINUE. After finishing entering data, please do not forget to log off.

This year you have the possibility to generate a PDF file at the end of the data entry. This will give the opportunity the check in a easiest format. The same PDF file will serve as a basic document during the data validation session.

You can access DEFINITIONS in the right menu, if you encounter a term you are not familiar with. Also the heading of each section directs you to the definitions used in that section. Submission deadline: April 10, 2019

This following questionnaire is to be completed by all Donor Agencies providing Official Development Assistance (ODA) to the Health Sector. Each donor should complete a single questionnaire that compiles information for all grants and loans targeting the health sector.

It should be noted that in cases where a donor provides funds through another donor - bilateral or multilateral - the last donor disbursing funds is responsible for reporting in this questionnaire.

The head of the donor organisation in country is responsible for the quality and accuracy of responses provided and as such he is usually responsible for completing the questionnaire on time.

Submission deadline: April 10, 2019